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Key Control Systems Help Make Large Venues Safer All Year Round

Fernando Pires February 6, 2014
Fernando Pires

The big game is over for another year and the new champions have been crowned. Except for the cleanup, life at the facility goes back to normal – if running a major multi-purpose venue can be considered normal.

What helps keep these kinds of large public assembly facilities running smoothly during major events and in the off-times is state of the art technology, including sophisticated safety and security systems and solutions. Priorities such as access control and video surveillance help reduce risk and are proven protective measures for providing a safer environment for spectators, officials, players, staff and other clients and guests.

In addition to the installed technology, ensuring a safe and secure facility also requires policies and procedures that enable management to control day to day operations. Access to equipment rooms, tickets held in the box office, concession stand inventory, personnel files and so on can all be efficiently managed with key control policies and procedures -- made easier and more secure with a key control system.

Restricting access to the keys and knowing the identity of employees who are authorized to use the keys to enter a locked area enables security management to keep better control of assets and help ensure timely follow-up action if there is an incident. With a key control and management system, all facility keys – including card keys, masters, keys for lock boxes and even vehicle keys are securely stored in a locked, tamper-proof automated key cabinet. Only authorized users can access keys which they have been pre-approved to use. Once the user has entered their PIN or biometric information and the identification is confirmed, the key cabinet can be opened and keys removed or returned. The system automatically records all access activity so that management has a record of who took which keys and when.

Key control systems help make stadiums and other large venue facilities safer – not just prior to or during an event, but all year round.

What's next? You can see why larger venues depend on a reliable key control system. Learn more about key management systems by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator tool.