Key Control Systems Help Schools Realize a Safer Environment

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Key Control Systems Help Schools Realize a Safer Environment

Schools, like airports, hospitals and other semi-public facilities require a variety of advanced technology solutions to assist in keeping the building and its occupants safe and secure. Along with video surveillance cameras and visitor management systems, many schools have implemented a key control and asset management system to help achieve this goal.

Key control systems keep access to the building’s physical keys restricted to authorized users and all activity is tracked by the system software. When an authorized user needs to access a key, they simply input their pre-registered PIN code or biometric credentials to unlock the tamper-proof cabinet. Stored keys are attached to a SmartKey with an integrated identification microchip used by the system to check whether the key is in or out and where it is located in the system.

In addition to the security factor of safely storing building keys and logging an audit trail, key control systems offer a convenience factor for the school that is on a par with the security aspects of the system. Many schools today, whether public or private and at all levels, are battling budget cuts to their operational expenditures. For example, services by janitorial or maintenance staff may be shared among several schools in a district rather than being dedicated to a single school, or teaching/support staff may be assigned to more than one school.

In these instances, rather than issuing duplicate sets of keys to several employees (and potentially creating a security vunerability), a single set of keys can be stored in a key control system that is located in the building for which the keys are used. Using their pre-authorized PIN codes, visiting staff can quickly and easily access needed keys without having to go looking for them or interrupt another individual to have them dispense the needed key. All access activity is recorded and any changes to authorizations can be made quickly and easily by the system administrator.

Schools have an added responsibility for keeping the students, staff and visitors safe and a key control and asset management system can help achieve that goal.

What's next? It’s clear how university campus security departments can benefit from a key management system. Learn more about key tracking solutions by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator tool.
Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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