Key Control Systems On the Job 24/7/365

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Key Control Systems On the Job 24/7/365

Reports published on several industry web sites indicate that shorter and more frequent vacations are becoming the norm in the American workplace. In this new environment, employees are opting more for long weekends, adding a few days on to a holiday such as July 4th or even just taking a day off here and there, rather than being away from work for one or two weeks at a time.

Technology has been one of the driving forces in this workplace evolution. Mobile phones, laptops and other wireless devices let employees remain connected for important meetings or to monitor ongoing events while taking a few days off. In the workplace, high tech systems such as automated key control systems can ensure that keys to important areas or assets can be accessed by other designated employees while the employee is on vacation, allowing regular routines or procedures to occur while maintaining the integrity of key management.

With a key control system in place, administrators can quickly and easily make changes to allow temporary access to specific keys by designated authorized users. Procedures for accessing the key cabinet and stored keys remain in place and consistent, and only access to the specific keys changes. An on-screen history display allows the administrator to view key access and return and if the individual forgets to return the key as scheduled, an email or SMS alert is automatically sent as a reminder.

Key control systems are also an ideal solution for accommodating interns, contractors, researchers and other temporary personnel who need to be on site and have access to locked areas. Authorization can be established for a defined period, e.g., for certain times or days, and can be integrated with the building’s card access system. When a key is needed, pre-authorized individuals simply enter their PIN code to open the cabinet and retrieve the key. All access activity is automatically recorded.

Making keys available as needed when regular users are away from the job helps to keep an organization on track – and key control systems are the perfect employee for this task.

Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires, CEO of Morse Watchmans Inc.

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