Key Management ROI Offers Proven Cost and Time Efficiencies

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Key Management ROI Offers Proven Cost and Time Efficiencies

Security departments within an organization often tend to underestimate how much productivity is lost to manual tasks that could easily be accomplished with automated systems. Technology solutions are readily available to help security management free up employee time so they can focus on more valuable tasks that help ensure safety and security. In considering these options, ROI is often a determining factor.

One of these automated solutions with a proven ROI is a key management system. Key management systems allow keys to be stored, controlled and tracked and only authorized users can access keys for which they have been pre-programmed to use. Dedicated personnel are not required for overseeing key access as in manual solutions and the system can be remotely accessed for key release, negating the need for on-site personnel.

In addition, every time a key is accessed from a key control cabinet, the information is recorded – who took a key, when they took it, what time it was returned and so on. This detailed information about key usage can be reviewed and analyzed to enable better assessment and/or deployment of effective security safeguards that can help reduce incidents and losses.

Lost or misplaced keys are a constant vulnerability with manual systems but automated key management systems are designed to eliminate this problem. Automatic email and/or text alerts are sent to management when keys are overdue and the system can also be programmed to send an alert when a key has been returned. Furthermore, an integrated key management and access control system provides users with a streamlined process not only for securing, controlling and tracking keys but also for more effective and efficient management of personnel, credentials and assets.

Advanced key management systems feature software driven technology that can often be upgraded with new features and functionality, reducing or eliminating the need and cost to replace the system. These and other benefits prove that automated key management systems not only save time but also save money.

Wondering how key management systems can improve efficiencies within your business? Contact one of our experts today to learn more.

Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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