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Key Register Systems Offer Embedded Learning for Improved Operational Efficiencies

Fernando Pires July 22, 2016
Fernando Pires

The most recent run of physical security industry trade shows, both domestic and international, certainly impressed with the overwhelming number of advanced technology solutions that were displayed. One of the most interesting and exciting developments though is the expansion of product/technology training from classroom or web-based learning to include learning experiences through features that are embedded in the product. Studies indicate this type of learning can improve retention and help ensure product satisfaction.

But how does embedded learning apply to or benefit the user of an automated key register system? In this context, embedded learning means learning by doing/direct use, i.e., during daily key access activities, with the desired outcome of improving workflow efficiencies over time. A simple example is the illuminated key slot. Users do not have to know or recall the exact location of a key for accessing or returning because the key slot lights up to indicate the correct location. In networked systems, keys can be returned to any key cabinet and the system automatically tracks the location. When learned by the user, these features help ensure that established key control policies are adhered to, maximum control of access and security issues is maintained and, as mentioned, workflow efficiencies are improved.

Other traits also designed for easy learning – e.g., an interface with step by step instructions and audio prompts on what action to take. Keys available for access can be called up on the touchscreen along with information about the location of a specified key. And when a key is overdue or has been accessed, a text or email message can be sent to authorized personnel.

As physical and virtual security continue to integrate onto a single platform, training will become even more critical for optimum usage. Functionality that promotes easy learning is a smart way to achieve that goal.

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