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Leadership in Key Control Systems Evident in Core Strengths

Fernando Pires July 14, 2014
Fernando Pires

Sustained growth in the physical security marketplace has attracted a number of new players to the industry. Mergers and acquisitions and the development of new technologies have also contributed toward a changing landscape. The trend appears to be prevalent across a wide sweep of security fields including key control and asset management.

In this shifting world, how does today’s end user know which brand or type of key control system will best suit their immediate needs and those down the road? Manufacturers who have kept a tight focus on their core strengths can often provide the answer. Their industry leadership is evident in strong product offerings that can be found in a multitude of applications such as casinos and gaming, correctional facilities, health care institutions, hospitality businesses, multi-family buildings and educational facilities.

Established manufacturers offer quality products that feature high performance and thoughtful design to help ensure the effectiveness of the system. For example, in an enterprise application with multiple locations, the capability for common usage of databases and programming saves time and effort in addition to improving operational security. Other features that support improved operational security might include instrument-grade touch screens; computerized reporting and specialized alert notifications.

System flexibility and versatility are also core qualities in a key control and asset management system offered by the established manufacturer. There is tangible value for the end user with a system that can be configured to the exact needs of the facility with custom solutions that include multiple key modules, lockers, biometric access (i.e. hand readers, iris recognition) and versatile installation options. And when needs change system expansion or reconfiguration is accomplished easily and quickly.

Ongoing refinements and upgrades to the product’s features and functionality is another key indicator of a manufacturer’s industry leadership. Changing market needs such as Ethernet connectivity, enterprise-wide solutions, mobile capability and more easy to use, friendly features can be implemented quickly and effectively when developed in-house. Staying current with customer needs further underscores the manufacturer’s understanding and knowledge of the market.

What's next? Now you have an idea of how to evaluate today’s key tracking systems based on core strengths. Learn more about key tracking systems by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator tool.