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Real Estate Security Trends: Property Management Key Systems

Fernando Pires June 25, 2013
Fernando Pires

Across the country the housing market is showing positive signs of recovery and families are once again on the move. In this more upbeat market, many property management companies are taking the opportunity to upgrade real estate security measures to further safeguard residents and reduce liability issues.
Property management key systems are a convenient and cost effective security tool that can be easily implemented in a multi-family housing development. Tightened access to property keys including duplicate unit keys used by management for maintenance, pest control and lockouts, as well as keys for vehicles, equipment sheds, management office and other property assets can help management better maintain the integrity of the overall property security.

An automated key inventory system can ensure that keys are properly managed including access, storage and tracking. The automated key cabinets release assigned keys only to users with the proper authorization code (either finger identification, numerical code or card reader), and cannot be manipulated or easily tampered with. A rugged steel construction and virtually indestructible key fobs, which readily accommodate both hard keys and plastic key cards, are designed for heavy use and the illuminated key slots make accessing and returning keys easy.

Key control systems are easily programmed to include time and date restrictions to ensure system integrity. For instance, a security guard who is scheduled to be on duty during daytime/weekday hours cannot access a key on the weekend when not on duty. The system also makes tracking easy because each time a key is removed or returned a record of the activity is recorded, providing management with the information to know who took which key and when. And if a key is not returned on time, the system can even send an email to management. The key control system can also be integrated with the property’s video surveillance or access control system for a more powerful solution.

For property managers and owners, the goal of providing a safe and pleasant environment is made easier with a cost effective and pro-active key control system.

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