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Guard Tour Systems Enhance Guard Service Effectiveness

Fernando Pires May 22, 2012
Fernando Pires

Security guards are often assigned additional duties outside the formal scope of their jobs that, over time, can become integrated into their regular operational tasks. For example, in a shopping mall guards may provide information desk services; on a university campus they may be responsible for lost and found; or, at a casino they may provide emergency automotive assistance.

These added responsibilities are often assigned to gain additional productivity from the guard service. For the security department, a better way to enhance efficiency and productivity is through the use of technology, including an automated guard tour system.

Effectively, automated and interactive guard tour systems can help ensure that officers are making the rounds and provide back-up documentation. In addition to acting as an automated supervisor, the guard tour system allows management to better monitor the security officer’s performance and help prevent costly losses such as vandalism, theft, corporate espionage and damaging accidents throughout a facility.

Patrol tours usually adhere to written “post orders” that allow for consistency in patrol and reporting. They can often include specific instructions such as shaking a gate to ensure it is locked, walking behind the building, fire watch checks and so on. Automated guard tour systems with hand-held data recorders allow security personnel to input incident codes while on tour, using a built-in keypad and display. Paperwork can be eliminated with user programmable incident codes which can be downloaded to a computer at the end of the guard tour.

Verification of rounds can also be accomplished with ease and reliability using guard tour systems. While on rounds, security officers use the hand-held data recorders to check into key stations that are strategically located throughout the facility. The date, time and location of the check-in is recorded on the hand-held device and if a key station check-in is missed, that information will be flagged in the report.

By enhancing their capability to offer protective services with state of the art guard tour systems, security guards are better equipped to provide an effective and useful component of a facility’s physical security program.

What's next? It’s clear how correctional officers can benefit from sophisticated guard touring systems to enhance operational efficiency and security. Learn more about guard touring by filling out a quick contact form.

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