Integration and Custom Design Enhance Key Control Solution

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Integration and Custom Design Enhance Key Control Solution

The open architecture of physical security technology has made it easier and more convenient to integrate various security elements for operational ease and improved safety and security of employees, visitors, premises and material/intellectual property. With increasing frequency, key control and asset management systems are playing strategic roles in these integrated systems. 

Key control and asset management systems are ready-made solutions for storing and tracking facility keys; for providing usage data; and in some cases for ensuring adherence to state or federal key control regulations (i.e. casinos, prisons, etc.). They can also be integrated effectively with security procedures to readily address a variety of challenges such as the management of keys during an incident or emergency situation. Its appeal and effectiveness is further enhanced when the system is custom tailored to the needs of the organization or, has the capacity and flexibility to be upgraded as situations change or new technology becomes available.

Key control solutions are used in many different applications with different configurations and functional requirements. Allowing the user to participate in the customization process helps to meet their individual needs. Software-based configurators, often available on the manufacturer’s website, enable the user to select the number of cabinets, their size and orientation (vertical or horizontal), types of modules (keys, lockers, blanks) and key types (mechanical, access cards, key rings, etc.). Other options may include user interfaces that utilize access control cards or biometric information, either of which can be designed into the key cabinet or as a stand-alone configuration. The interfaces allow the key control system to be easily integrated with access control systems that feature the same user identification technology. Key control systems designed with alarm and relay inputs/outputs and Ethernet and USB capability help to ensure system compatibility and integration.

Among the many features and options available for key control and asset management systems, integration and custom designs are two of the most important.

What's next? You can see how custom key locker integrations and designs can assist building managers with strengthening security. Learn more about key control systems by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator tool.


Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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