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Key Control and Management Systems Have the Touch

Fernando Pires September 14, 2011
Fernando Pires

Touchscreen technology has become pervasive in our everyday lives. It’s replaced tactile keypads in many smart phones as well as in GPS devices, PC tablets and more.

This easy-to-use functionality has also been commonly implemented in commercial and professional products. And while the touchscreen technology used in consumer applications is typically resistive technology, professional applications like automated key control and management require the more robust functionality delivered by projective capacitive technology (PCT). Unlike other touchscreen technologies, the active PCT sensor is behind the glass front cover lens which provides increased scratch protection and a true, durable 7 Mohs hardness. There are no moving parts that can fail and it offers outstanding clarity and improved resistance to tampering. It also only requires an activation force of little more than 0 grams for operation.

Advanced key control and asset management systems that use PCT touchscreen technology and high tech Thin Film Transistor (TFT) flat-screen LCD displays as a user interface enable authorized users to more quickly and efficiently access the keys or other stored items from the key or locker cabinet. Products built with PCT/LCD solutions additionally require less service and maintenance because of the technology’s advanced design that incorporates maximum durability and reliability.

Operation is easy with instructions clearly visible on the backlit LCD screen and viewable from a wide angle. Queries such as which keys are available for access, when keys are due for return, locations of specific keys and so on are easily entered and answers easily read on a bright, 7” LCD touchscreen display. PCT/LCD designs are an exciting new advancement for automated key control and management systems and provide a step up in operation and security.

What's next? You can see why more businesses are opting for touch screen key control systems for their facilities. Learn more about key control solutions by filling out a quick contact form or using our key cabinet configurator tool.

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