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Key Control in High Technology Computer & Electronics Manufacturing

Fernando Pires May 16, 2011
Fernando Pires

In the extremely competitive world of high technology computer and electronics manufacturing, physical security at some companies is so stringent that employees must pass through a gauntlet of physical security measures in order to reach their desk or work area. And while this is an extreme example, it is true that computer manufacturers rely heavily on research and development to keep their competitive edge. Physical security, along with established policies and procedures, helps to maintain a secure facility.

Because physical keys are still in wide use in facilities, intelligent key control and asset management systems can further enhance security by securing keys needed for access to sensitive or sterile areas in addition to providing pertinent information to security management. Key control systems are designed to automatically record all access activity of a key cabinet and release keys only to authorized users. This capability enables management to know who removed or returned a key and when; monitor the system to see who currently has keys out; or be alerted if a key is not returned as scheduled.

The same benefits are seen with key control systems configured with lockers. Smaller items such as circuit boards or prototypes can be safely stored in a locker cabinet and accessed only by authorized personnel. These asset management systems can also be configured with biometric identification protocols or additional security features to help maintain the integrity of the system. For example, where protection of the key cabinet or asset locker itself is mission-critical, installation of a remote box device provides an additional layer of protection by enabling the key cabinet or locker system to be placed in a secure room. A second individual’s PIN input and verification is then required in order for an authorized employee to access a key or contents of a locker.

The unusually rapid pace of innovation and technological advancement in computer and electronic development and manufacturing demands high performance physical security, and today’s key control and asset management systems are designed to meet the challenge.

What's next? It’s clear how high tech manufacturers can use automated key systems to help protect their competitive edge. Learn more about key management systems by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator tool.

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