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Key Control Meets Both Security and Integration Needs

Fernando Pires June 24, 2016
Fernando Pires

Physical security is an evolving market with a consistent need for high-performance, cost-effective, unified solutions that help ensure a safe and secure environment. In particular, advanced key register systems address those needs with a full range of choices and capabilities that make these systems even more secure and more useful for today’s security needs.

Sophisticated key inventory software provides these systems with a wide range of features designed to enhance building security, including the flexibility to have different levels of security (e.g., dual or triple authentication) in different areas of the building. There’s even a remote box solution to protect access to the key cabinet; or, management can be alerted via email or SMS if a high security key has been accessed or not returned on time. These notifications can be associated with specific users, keys or other factors, and can be programmed to contain a specified key’s current location, which keys a person may have, which haven’t been returned or when they are due to be returned.

Network security is also enhanced with new features that protect the system from cyber breaches. With the firewall enabled, all incoming traffic is ignored unless it is on the specific ports the system requires for network and server communication. Data can now be encrypted with AES256 technology with a pre-shared key that is definable on a site by site basis.

Integration needs are addressed through advanced application software that enables key inventory systems to be virtually hardware agnostic for ease of integration with access control and other physical security systems. And for added security and efficiency, the integrated key management system can be seamlessly adminstered by the card access system. Convenience and system management is further enhanced with Windows authentication, now supported for SQL Server logins or with system servers that can be run under a domain user account.

With these and other capabilities, key control is safer, easier and more convenient.

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