Key Control Systems Bring Holiday Peace of Mind

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Key Control Systems Bring Holiday Peace of Mind

During the holidays, it is especially important to observe all safety and security practices in your facilities so that the season can be enjoyed by all. Among other measures, a reliable key control and management system can help to ensure holiday peace of mind.

In multiple housing units, securing master keys in an automated, tamper-proof cabinet helps to ensure that tenant homes are protected from intruders. Key cabinets and specialized tamper proof key rings can help eliminate any problems by maintaining accountability for the keys so property managers will always know who has which key and when it was taken. Similarly in office complexes, key management is an integral part of property management responsibility. The automated record keeping can help to reduce the number of man hours spent searching for keys or following up on incidents that may occur more frequently over the holidays.

Churches, temples and other places of worship can also be particularly vulnerable during the holidays. When building and room keys or cash box keys are securely guarded in a locked key cabinet, an extra layer of protection for personnel, property and facilities is ensured. For added protection, key control systems can also alert management when something is wrong. An overdue key, an open door or even the misuse of the keypad will trigger an alarm and event recording in the log file.

Key management solutions offer key control and accountability by providing electronic storage and tracking of keys. Authorized users have access to keys only as approved by the system administrator. For example, cleaning staff for a casino or hotel who are assigned to the day shift would not be able to access keys outside of their regularly scheduled working hours. Personnel also cannot exchange keys directly between themselves during or at the end of a shift because the key control system will notate that a key was not returned or that it was returned by another user.

Whether it’s over the holidays or throughout the year, sound key control measures can bring peace of mind.

What's next? It’s clear how building managers can benefit from key control systems during the busy holiday season. Learn more about key tracking systems by filling out a quick contact form or using out key locker configurator tool.
Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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