Key Control Systems Designed for Ease of Use

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Key Control Systems Designed for Ease of Use

Selecting and implementing the best key control and management system can help to ensure that its full potential in an overall security operation is reached. One of the main attributes of a high performance key control system is out-of-the-box ease of use. From system design to installation to everyday use and control to system expansion, a well-designed key control system will deliver straightforward operation for everyone.

Out-of-the-box key control systems do not require supplemental purchases such as operating systems or additional memory. They can be readily custom tailored to match key quantity requirements, key types (i.e. mechanical, keys plastic access cards, key rings or Folger Adam keys) or number of sites. Multiple cabinets can form a single fully integrated system to hold hundreds of keys and other items in multiple locations. For system options such as lockers that are used for securing valuable items (i.e. cell phones, laptops, money boxes, etc.) or remote boxes that are used to add an additional layer of security, these additions are easily configured into the system at the beginning or later, as needed.

The same ease applies to integrating the key control system with other building or operational physical security systems. When key control systems are engineered for interactivity with other security systems, fully functional key management solutions can be implemented without costly upgrades or overhauls. For example, out-of-the-box key control systems utilizing proximity cards or biometric identification can be integrated with access control systems that feature the same user identification technology. Key control systems featuring alarm and relay inputs/outputs and Ethernet and USB capability help to ensure system compatibility and integration.

Richly featured, fully functional out-of-the-box key control systems are easier to configure, implement and manage and best of all, can improve the physical security of a facility.

What's next? Now you have an idea of just how scalable and convenient automated key systems are for everyday use. Learn more about key control systems by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator tool.
Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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