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Key Control – The Evolution

Fernando Pires June 8, 2010
Fernando Pires

Securing and controlling keys has taken many forms over the years, from an individual keeping a single key ring in a drawer to the highly sophisticated technology spanning multiple security market segments that is used in the industry today.

Through innovation driven by the end user’s needs, modern, high-tech key control systems are an integral component of a multi-faceted security system. Gone are the days when keys were hung on pegs in the building manager’s office or thrown casually in a desk drawer. Gone is the manual paper and pencil log used to determine who last accessed a particular key or the laborious tracking of its whereabouts. Even lockable metal key boxes or cabinets used for securing keys are a thing of the past; they’ve been replaced by advanced storage systems with computerized control and real-time digital accountability.

Where old-style key boxes were in danger of being jimmied open and having keys stolen, modern key management systems offer a variety of secure access options, including PIN codes, biometrics and ID card entry. To better resist abuse, today’s best key lockers are constructed of stainless steel and wired with tamper-proof systems. Network-enabled key management and control systems provide real-time information remotely to management to monitor and record who accesses keys. Additional functions enabled by network connectivity include alarm notifications and the ability to configure the system to allow access to certain individuals at certain times.

While the tradition of a single “keeper of the keys” has a place in history, today’s security landscape demands state-of-the-art technology. Key control and key management systems deliver measurable value to any security strategy and have quickly become a higher level management tool.

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