Key Management Software to Maximize Your Key Control System Investment

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Key Management Software to Maximize Your Key Control System Investment

Automated key control systems offer several advantages over manual systems. One of the most powerful is the ability to control the key management system with a software-driven solution. Software management for key control systems can help deliver information in a way that has never been possible with manual key control systems. Data available from the key management software can provide great benefits when incorporated with policies and procedures to deliver timely information to management for intelligent response.

Using a PC-based key control software management solution easily allows management to establish permission levels for each user code, ranging from a basic authorization level which allows a user to access and return keys, to the highest authorization level which allows complete access to all functions. For added system protection, software can also be configured to require an additional user name and password that is independent from the regular user ID and PIN code for accessing the software database or programming menu.

Another key advantage of data management software is the activity reports that can be generated. Key control data management software can run the activity reports, sort based on different criteria and view and print reports. Security personnel can generate practical management reports which trace key movements by time, date and user code as well as audit reports that track keys in use and overdue keys; inconsistent key usage; and database listings that show how the system is programmed.

Built-in schedulers can be programmed to automatically download all data to a secure PC as required by the user, including online as transactions occur; periodically; daily at a specified time; weekly with specified day and time; or monthly with specified day and time. With this capability, management can better sort and analyze information to maintain maximum control of access and security issues.

Regulating permission and generating reports are only two of the many benefits available with key management data software. Using key control software management solutions makes tracking large quantities of keys manageable.

What's next? Now you have an idea of how building managers can leverage key control software to maximize their access control investments. Learn more about key control solutions by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator tool.
Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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