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Key Management Systems Offer Time Saving Features for Improved Productivity

Fernando Pires February 8, 2016
Fernando Pires

One-hour delivery service; 24 hour ATMs; streaming movies and television shows; constant real-time communication through email and text messaging; instant ordering with the click of a button; smart phone apps and ultra-fast connections anytime, anywhere. These are just some of the activities that have seeped into our lives, offering instant results and gratification. In fact, we’ve become so accustomed to not waiting that studies indicate individuals who had to wait for a download or were put on hold at a call center even for a few minutes simply abandoned the process.

While some may consider this a negative trend, the wish for instant results has also spurred a number of highly innovative technology developments. In business applications, product solutions such as an automated key management system are designed to improve productivity by making the process of accessing or returning keys faster and easier. Some of these time-saving features include the option to return a key to any key cabinet in the system rather than having to return the key to the cabinet from which it was removed. The system automatically tracks the location of each key stored in a key cabinet or, if the key has been removed, the system can determine who has it out. Users can see which keys they have out, if any of their keys are overdue and when their keys will become overdue. Biometric identification, large, easy to read touch screens, voice cues and status bar guides help to ensure a fast and easy procedure when accessing or returning keys to the cabinet. And for immediate information regarding a key, special alert notifications using email or SMS text provide the data instantly.

In today’s fast paced world, key management solutions meet the requirement for instant results that can help improve productivity.

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