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Key Security, Control & Management

In pursuing a comprehensive physical security strategy, many organizations tend to overlook the benefits of implementing a key control plan as part of a complete security package. With so much attention being paid to the big picture, it’s easy to forget that keys can open vulnerabilities as well as doors.

By implementing a key management system, security management can reinforce access control policies that are already in place and used for the protection of individuals as well as any physical assets. A well defined key control plan can also help to reduce the costs that are associated with lost keys or unmanaged access because you’ll always know who removed any key and when it was taken.

Today’s updated approach to key management security is also designed for complete interactivity with other business systems. Key management systems have become an operational necessity in environments such as correctional institutions, hospitals, car dealerships, property management and educational facilities to name just a few examples. However, key control can and should also be applied to businesses of all sizes because of the measurable benefits of enhanced security, convenience, increased staff productivity and accountability.

A well designed key control system is engineered with a modular design to accommodate any size of business need. It can also be configured with the exact components needed, such as key slots, card slots and lockers and the modules can be changed or added as needed (see Morse Watchmans’configuator).

Today’s key lock systems and their cost effectiveness have become a higher level management tool rather than just a way to control keys. Issues such as the safety and security of the building occupants and the security of the building assets can be more effectively addressed with the use of a key management system that provides accountability for keys.

In a comprehensive physical security strategy, a key control and management systems adds value to the plan and helps to ensure the integrity of access to the premises.

What's next? Now you can how key tracking systems can help ensure holistic physical security. Learn more about key control systems from Morse Watchmans by filling out a quick contact form or using our key locker configurator.
Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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