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Management Software Adds to Value of Key Control Technology

Fernando Pires October 19, 2015
Fernando Pires

Investment in an automated key management system is an important decision for organizations. New systems are expected to reduce or eliminate risk and enhance the overall safety and security of people and assets. To help ensure the full value of these new systems beyond their state of the art functionality and flexibility, management software is necessary. 

The ability to manage all programming, remote functions and reports with a software-driven solution is one of the biggest measures in determining the value of a key management system. Similar in concept to popular access control systems, a PC-based package of management software streamlines and unifies day-to-day operations and activities. Authorized management can add users from a global list, with any specific settings that are added or modified automatically synchronized across the entire system. Profiles can also be assigned for improved user control, and there are various options for tailoring administrative access privileges to specific needs, including reporting or alerting.

With built-in scheduling capability, systems can be programmed to automatically download all data to a secure PC as required by users. This allows management to better sort and analyzes information to maintain maximum control of keys and who is accessing them. Scheduled email reports that detail what keys are in or out, who has or had them and for how long provide the up-to-date information security management needs to ensure the integrity of physical keys within an organization. Should an incident occur, such as a key not being returned on time, management can quickly query the system for specific details that, when combined with audit data, provide a strong evidence trail.

The selection and implementation of any technology designed to improve security will always be a challenge but it’s one for which today’s key control system software can provide a solution.