Managing Risk with Computerized Guard Tour Reporting Systems

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Managing Risk with Computerized Guard Tour Reporting Systems

Visible security measures can often make employees or the visiting public feel more assured about their safety, and having uniformed guards on the premises is one of the ways in which public use or private facilities can accomplish this goal. But ensuring the safety and security of people and buildings requires more than just having security guards in plain sight or having them routinely check doors and buildings. Improving risk management requires systematic management of guard activities including tours and verification of rounds, which can be efficiently achieved through hardware and software technology.

Guard tour systems are designed to computerize the reporting procedures and to offer ease of use and efficiency for the guards. Using handheld tools such as an interactive guard tour system with an LCD and keypad, an officer can communicate incident reports for situations that require immediate action by simply entering in an incident code on the keypad.

For example, if there is ice on a walkway, a coffeepot is left on or a light in the stairwell is broken, the guard can assign a numerical code and transmit information about the incident to management so that the problem can be quickly resolved. As well, by inputting the information directly to the recorder while on site rather than filling out paper work at the end of the tour, a necessary but routine activity can be made more efficient.

Guard tour systems can offer even more efficiency and productivity benefits when reporting software is included in the system. Sorting software converts the tour information into printable reports which may be customized by time, day, week and month for a more comprehensive and timely overview of the facility’s security situation. And because the information can be custom organized, management can more readily identify infractions and take the necessary action to resolve the situation.

In today’s environment of extreme liability and accountability, automated guard tour systems and sorting software can be a tremendous benefit to any kind of facility or business.

What's next? Now you have an idea of how guard tour reporting systems can help ensure a safe, secure environment in public and private facilities. Learn more about guard touring by filling out a quick contact form.
Tim Purpura
Tim Purpura
VP Global Sales & Marketing

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