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Property Management Applications Enhance Bottom Line
With Key Control Systems

Fernando Pires June 25, 2010
Fernando Pires

In addition to helping to resolve basic security issues and challenges, the use of key control and asset management systems in property management applications has been proven a reliable business proposition that can enhance any bottom line.  By leveraging this technology, property management companies can see the benefits through reduced maintenance and security costs, improved employee productivity and monitoring, and increased tenant satisfaction. For a small investment, the returns can be powerful.

Lost or stolen keys are a significant problem that adversely affects the bottom line. Having to re-key doors and re-cut keys takes time and money, and in multiple housing communities such as military bases or university campuses, the sheer numbers can be staggering. High-tech key cabinets and specialized key rings can help eliminate these problems by maintaining accountability for keys so property managers will always know who has which key and when it was taken.

Similarly, in office complexes key management is an integral part of property management responsibility. In a computerized key storage system, access to keys is under the complete control of management and only authorized users are permitted to remove keys. For example, electronic key storage systems can be programmed to allow cleaning staff to remove certain keys at specific times and for limited amounts of time. As part of the system, the automated record keeping can also serve to monitor an employee’s work schedule and productivity or help to eliminate false overtime claims. Automated record keeping can also help to reduce the number of man hours spent searching for keys or following up on incidents.

Whether it’s a high rise office building or apartment complex, key control systems provide tenants and property management with improved security measures, increased convenience and time saving procedures. It’s a technology tool that helps property management achieve its goals.

What's next? It’s clear why many property managers rely on automated key systems to help protect apartment complexes. Learn more about real estate key control solutions by filling out a quick contact form or try using our key cabinet configurator tool.

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