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The Importance of Key Control for Fleet Management

Fernando Pires August 14, 2017
Fernando Pires

Learn The Importance of Key Control for Fleet Management

Your fleet vehicles are your most valuable assets. It’s critically important to maintain them properly, keep them clean and protect them from harm. In short, you need to manage your fleet. And in order to do that, you need to manage their keys.

The key to a vehicle does more than just start it – the key controls it. And the more vehicles you have in your fleet, the more complex your job becomes. With different vehicles needed at differing times by many individuals for a variety of jobs, the need for a more advanced system to manage the keys and keep operations running smoothly becomes very evident.

Automated key control and management systems are the answer to this challenge. With software that specifically addresses the issues faced by fleet management, they help with a wide variety of needs that are unique to fleet managers.

  1. Unauthorized vehicle usage

You should never be left wondering who last used a vehicle, put extra mileage on it or left it low on gas. Your key control system only releases the key to an authorized user, and key removal and return times are automatically tracked. If an unauthorized individual tries to remove a key, the system can notify you immediately.

  1. Knowing which vehicles are available right now

At any time, you can check the status of every vehicle to know if it is available, in use or reserved to be used. Mobile apps make it possible to check from wherever you are.

  1. Balancing usage among all vehicles

No one wants to use the old van once you’ve bought a shiny new one. Make sure every vehicle gets used with convenient scheduling functions.

  1. Ensuring specialty vehicles are available when needed

Make sure that super-stretch limo, 10-seat van or other unique fleet vehicle is not in use unnecessarily by using the reservation or scheduling function of your key management system.

These are just four of the reasons fleet managers should consider automated key control and management systems. Discover five more, along with deeper insights into the benefits of key control for fleet management, in our new whitepaper. Learn how to protect your keys from theft or misuse, use audit reports to optimize business operations and more.

With key management, keeping track of your fleet, and drivers is simple and secure. Download our whitepaper to learn more about key control solutions for fleet management:

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