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Welcome to the New Morse Watchmans

Fernando Pires April 14, 2017
Fernando Pires

Morse Watchmans has always aimed to help organizations strengthen security and accountability, eliminate losses, and improve efficiency. To support the changing needs of businesses, we developed a range of key control and asset management products that continue to evolve as our customers’ needs do. It’s also why we developed the new Morse Watchmans website you see today.

Our initial goal in redesigning the site was improving the user experience while continuing to deliver the quality products and service you’ve come to expect from us. For previous visitors to the site, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a lot more open. We wanted to make the content easier to read and navigate, so we changed how information is structured on the website and simplified the home page.

The navigation links are still at the top, but they are larger and much easier to read. Each webpage has ample whitespace so that the visitor has a more natural navigation path and isn’t overwhelmed. We encourage users to submit their feedback, which will help us to continually improve the site.

We also understand how difficult it can be to choose the right key control system for your needs, especially if you are new to key control and asset management. And so moving forward, we will be adding a range of helpful content to our website while continuing with our blog.

To start, we’ve released an updated and expanded whitepaper focusing on the basics of key control systems and best practices in choosing a system. As new trends emerge, new products are launched and other information becomes available, we will remain committed to providing new resources that support the needs of our community.

Welcome to the new Morse Watchmans.

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