Automated Guard Tour Systems Help Enforce Security Procedures During Busy Holiday Season

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Automated Guard Tour Systems Help Enforce Security Procedures During Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season from Thanksgiving through to the end of the year is a particularly active time for most industries. Retailers are geared up for shoppers, airports have all hands on deck to handle the additional holiday traffic and hotels and restaurants are overbooked with holiday parties.

Accessing Business Intelligence through Software Generated Key Management Reports

Regardless of how it is measured, digital information is an often untapped source of business intelligence. And while there is temptation to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data available to us, there is also potential to translate the data into useful and actionable intelligence.

Locker Modules are Valuable Addition to Key Control Systems

Since introduction of electronic key control to the marketplace in the early 1990’s, key control and management systems have been continually improved and enhanced to meet changing market requirements. Many new components have been added and systems have been expanded to accommodate more locations and users. Integrated card reader interfaces, multi-user and non-random options, biometrics integration and upgraded key management software are just some of the new and improved features of today’s key control systems.

Key Control Systems Provide Crucial Information to Data Center Security Operations

Video surveillance, intrusion detection and other physical security technologies are used extensively to help protect data centers from outside threats. They are excellent operational measures to guard against unauthorized personnel gaining access to the facility or those who would do intentional harm.Minimizing and controlling personnel access to computer rooms and equipment racks as well as offices and utility rooms is also a crucial precaution. This can be effectively accomplished using a key control and management system.

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