How to Implement a Key Control System

Implementing a key control and management system is a straightforward process that involves three basic steps; take inventory of the facility to identify all access points and installed locks; ascertain the operational needs of the employees as well as others who may need access to the facility (i.e. service repair, cleaning crew, etc.); and establish a policy with easy to follow procedures for effective key control and management.

Key Control & Asset Management Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities and hospitals are faced with unique challenges when it comes to physical security, but there are many steps that can be implemented to minimize the potential for adverse incidents. While it is not always possible to control who comes into the facility, security personnel can definitely control the chances of someone internally compromising security.

Key Control and Crime Prevention

Where security is concerned, there are no absolute safeguards. However, there are proven crime prevention techniques that can help improve the physical security and safeguarding of a facility or other valuable assets. The most common of these techniques is the implementation of a mechanical lock and key system, supported by a key control management system.

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