Protecting Schools with Key Control Systems

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Protecting Schools with Key Control Systems

Rules and regulations governing the use of door locks in K-12 schools are designed to help ensure the safety and security of the students, staff and faculty. They are enforced for both security reasons (keeping unwanted visitors out, securing valuable assets, etc.) and for safety reasons (quick, unencumbered egress) and can significantly affect the welfare of the school environment. Controlling and managing the door/building keys, while not governed by fire or safety codes, play an equally important role in maintaining the safety and security of the students, staff and facility.

Automated Guard Tour Systems Vital to Oil Refinery Security Operations

Oil refineries are typically massive complexes with multiple safety and security protocols to help prevent incidents and the danger of more serious threats. Complete facility control, detection and monitoring are achieved with the use of video surveillance, access control and perimeter security, as well as with highly trained security officers.

Enhancing Airport Security with Key Control & Management Systems

Management of airport security operations often includes representation from multiple local, state and federal agencies and involves oversight of all areas of security ranging from issuance of uniforms to perimeter fencing to employee background security checks. Security solutions vary depending on the size and type of airport facility (i.e. private, regional, international, flight school, etc.) but one of the most common and effective strategies is the use of key control and management systems.

Managing Risk with Computerized Guard Tour Reporting Systems

Visible security measures can often make employees or the visiting public feel more assured about their safety, and having uniformed guards on the premises is one of the ways in which public use or private facilities can accomplish this goal. But ensuring the safety and security of people and buildings requires more than just having security guards in plain sight or having them routinely check doors and buildings. Improving risk management requires systematic management of guard activities including tours and verification of rounds, which can be efficiently achieved through hardware and software technology.

Property Management Applications Enhance Bottom Line
With Key Control Systems

In addition to helping to resolve basic security issues and challenges, the use of key control and asset management systems in property management applications has been proven a reliable business proposition that can enhance any bottom line.

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