3 Industries Where Asset Management is Critical

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3 Industries Where Asset Management is Critical


No matter what business you’re in, you have assets to protect. While cybersecurity for digital assets is growing in importance in today’s world, most organizations are also in possession of many physical items that need to be secured and accounted for as part of a full risk-management strategy.

For example, mobile devices are growing in popularity across industries to improve workflows and customer experiences. This creates a need for users to consider how they will keep the devices safe and secure. Tablets and other mobile devices can be stolen, used for criminal purposes that leave a business liable, hacked to steal guest or business data, or used as a backdoor to your critical operations.

But even beyond mobile, there are many other types of devices that require protection. Here are three industries that have a critical need for asset management solutions.


At many reception areas, customer service personnel use tablets for line-busting, reducing wait times for customers at check-in. Placing tablets in rooms makes it possible for guests to choose activities, book spa appointments, order from room service and more. Tablets can even be used for in-room entertainment, delivering an additional revenue stream to the organization.

The hospitality industry also has increased its focus on personnel safety. In a growing number of states, it is now required for hotels to issue panic buttons to hospitality and other staff who may find themselves at risk. The buttons, typically on a fob, use RFID, Bluetooth or beacon technology to summon security management in real time. The fobs are usually shared between personnel, and must be accounted for and tracked individually to ensure they do not disappear – both from a cost perspective and to ensure that every employee has a panic button available to carry as mandated.

Communications devices such as 2-way radios or headset and beltpack systems are also in common use in hotels. These provide fast and easy conversations between different areas of the facility and greatly facilitate good customer service. The units can be costly and need to be secured when not in use.


Stores, malls and shopping destinations of all sizes also frequently use intercom system headsets and beltpacks for customer service and other communications. This can become a budget drain if the units are not cared for and secured.

In many stores mobile checkout systems are becoming the norm. These are extremely convenient as they enable personnel to make a sale anywhere in the store using a mobile phone or tablet equipped with the proper software. Customers and employees alike appreciate the ability to check out on the fly; however, the proliferation of the devices also means there’s an increased need to store them safely.

It goes without saying that cash drawers must be kept in a fully secure location. While store safes are secure, they do not offer the ability to track items placed inside. Asset management systems that use RFID technology enable management to account for every cash drawer while limiting access to only the specific personnel authorized to remove that drawer.

Law Enforcement/Courts

Here too, there may be 2-way radios in use. These may be shared between employees and need to be available when each user is on duty. The scheduling features in asset management systems make this possible and convenient for the users.

Law enforcement and court officers often carry weapons. If at any point there is a need to remove the weapon from the officer’s person, it must be locked away in a fully secure location that is only accessible to the officer or other specified authorized individual.

Visitors to a police station, corrections facility or courthouse may be carrying valuable items which cannot be brought inside. Offering an asset management system where they can safely place these items with the certainty that they will not disappear makes for a much more visitor-friendly environment.

No matter what industry you are in, mobile devices and other valuables need protection. Asset management solutions with tracking technology help keep these items safe and ready for use when you need them.

Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires, CEO of Morse Watchmans Inc.

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