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Flexibility Is Key with Key Management Systems

Fernando Pires January 14, 2016
Fernando Pires

When making a security product purchasing decision, the product’s flexibility and ability to be configured – quickly and economically – are crucial. These traits help determine how well the product can conform to the user’s current needs and specifications, as well as its ability to adapt to requirements that may evolve over time and in unanticipated ways.

Often times however the purchaser may not be sure as to what is available or how to actually go about configuring the system. Along with the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced sales representative, configurator tools can be a good place to start. For example, Morse’s configurator offers a quick and easy way to set up a KeyWatcher system. KeyWatcher is based on a modular, scalable design with a selection of cabinet types and modules for protecting keys, access/credit cards or other small valuable items.

To use the configurator, one need simply choose a system/cabinet type, then drag and drop in the modules needed. In addition to these selections, there are numerous reader options available including proximity readers, bar code readers and magstripe readers. A fingerprint reader option is also available for KeyWatcher Touch. Once finished, the system configuration can be printed out or submitted to Morse Watchmans for a representative to follow up.

Key management systems’ flexibility and configurability for changing needs help organizations meet their project and budget requirements; but most importantly, they serve the purpose of enhancing physical security by controlling and protecting facility keys.