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Key Control Systems Reinforce Airport Security

Fernando Pires December 9, 2015
Fernando Pires

The latest news reports indicate that security at airports and other public venues is again being strengthened. The added security will likely be more visible to travelers with the presence of additional guards or airport police and longer lines at TSA checkpoints. In the back of the house, it can be assumed that operations will tighten up to help ensure a secure environment.

One of the ways tightened operations can be supported is by implementing an electronic key system like the KeyWatcher Touch. The system offers airport management an increased level of security and control by preventing unauthorized key access and reducing the incidents of lost keys. Facility keys are held in a tamper-proof cabinet and can only be accessed by authorized users with a proper code, badge or biometric identification. All access activity is automatically recorded and from this data, management has a complete history of who used which key and when as well as the current location of each key.

Keys can be managed according to requirements (time/day available, personnel, etc.) and management can quickly query what keys have not been returned and when the key will become overdue. And if a key is not returned to the key cabinet as scheduled an alert is sent via email or SMS text to appropriate personnel so that immediate action may be taken. Key control cabinets installed throughout the airport (e.g., maintenance, fleet pool, cargo) can be networked, allowing user parameters to be instantly changed or terminated. 

When time is of the essence, the up-to-date and reliable information provided by a key control system can be accessed quickly, allowing airport personnel to proceed with established procedures regarding airport access control and security.

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