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Key Tracking Systems: Casino Technology Trends

Fernando Pires May 17, 2013
Fernando Pires

Key Tracking Systems: Casino Technology Trends assent management Over the past several years, physical security in the gaming environment, while always mission critical, has morphed from a tactical function to a more strategic operational policy. The conversion has happened in part due to the need for more sophisticated and encompassing casino security, but it has also been affected by the capability of various security solutions to communicate with other solutions on the network. An integrated and unified physical security system adds to operational efficiencies as well as enhancing the safety and security of the overall casino environment.

Advanced key control and management systems found in many gaming facilities are a strategic element within the integrated physical security system. Access to money counting rooms, cash boxes, security control rooms or other sensitive or secure areas is highly controlled and monitored using key control and asset management systems. Cards and keys stored in the key control cabinets can only be accessed by pre-authorized personnel and all access activity is automatically recorded and tracked.

When key control and management systems are integrated with other casino security system devices such as access control systems or video surveillance systems, additional operational efficiencies are gained. Notifications and events can be automatically pushed to authorized personnel (i.e. when a certain key is accessed) or certain events (i.e. when a key is not returned as scheduled) can be programmed to trigger an action such as denying that individual exit from an area. Similar casino technology are seen when key management systems are used with business systems in human resources or fleet management. For example, keys for limos, vans, cars, golf carts and maintenance vehicles used by casino staff are secured in the key cabinet and any access activity is recorded. Employees are requested to examine the vehicle prior to taking it out and make note of any scrapes, dents, etc., and do the same when returning the vehicle. When this is not done, the audit trail from the key control system can identify who last drove the car or who was responsible for any damages.

Security challenges in the casino space will always be an issue but a well strategized physical security system with key management and control provides a sound defense.

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