Why Key Management is Still Important in the Age of Access Control

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Why Key Management is Still Important in the Age of Access Control

  Card-based access control, biometrics, prox devices, mobile credentials – everywhere you look, there’s evidence of the digital transformation in door locking solutions.

Two Ways Key Control Helps Increase Accountability and Security for Logistics

With the fundamental responsibility of resource allocation and movement of goods to meet every need that an organization might have, logistics is an essential element of managing the supply chain. For manufacturers, resellers, retailers and almost every other type of business, a well-managed logistics program is vital to the overall success of the enterprise.

3 Unusual Applications for Key Control

The primary use for key management is right in its name – most applications use it to control and manage their physical keys. By protecting keys, organizations are helping to control access to areas that utilize physical locks.

Why Key Control Should be a Key Part of Emergency Planning

Preparation for emergency situations has become a critically important area of business planning for today’s organizations of every kind. While school shootings and other tragedies have taken the lead in the news, events like flooding, fires and power disruptions interrupt operations and cause mayhem for many businesses on a much more regular basis.

Alleviating Human Error with Key Control Systems

In the earliest days of Morse Watchmans, our sole product was PowerCheck, our guard tour system. But as we met with security personnel at various organizations, one thing we noticed over and over in their offices was their keys.

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