Securing More Than Just Keys

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Securing More Than Just Keys

Can key control control more than just keys? Not only can it – it does. More and more organizations are finding that their need to secure a range of valuable items can be perfectly met by key control systems.

Managing Access and Authorities at Airports

The mix of people on site at an airport at any given time will include airport personnel, airline employees, contractors, vendors and travelers. To manage the complex permissions of who is authorized to go where inside and outside the facility, it’s imperative for airports to implement an access control system.

3 Reasons You Need to Choose the Best Key Rings

If you are in security, engineering, or maintenance, chances are you carry around a lot of keys every day. The same is true if you’re a corrections officer or in law enforcement. And if you manage a shopping center, a museum, a hotel or any kind of a facility – well, you get the picture. A lot of individuals carry a lot of keys, a lot of the time.

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