Key Tracking Systems: Casino Technology Trends

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Key Tracking Systems: Casino Technology Trends

Over the past several years, physical security in the gaming environment, while always mission critical, has morphed from a tactical function to a more strategic operational policy. The conversion has happened in part due to the need for more sophisticated and encompassing casino security, but it has also been affected by the capability of various security solutions to communicate with other solutions on the network. An integrated and unified physical security system adds to operational efficiencies as well as enhancing the safety and security of the overall casino environment.

Key Management Systems for the Insurance Industry

At corporate headquarters for insurance companies, a variety of methods are used to help protect assets and information. Whether it’s employee payroll data or personal identification information on policy holders, controlling access to areas where sensitive material is stored or used is mandatory, and one of the most effective solutions is a key control and key management system.

Key Control Systems Address Needs of Gaming’s Diverse Venues

Today’s gaming facilities often encompass a variety of related businesses, including lodging, entertainment, retail, conference space, parking and food and beverage. Certain types of physical security technology these individual areas is specific to the particular application, such as the installation of man traps outside a cash counting room in the casino. In other cases, the technology can span all venues within the complex – for example with the implementation of a key control and management system.

Key Control in a Gaming Environment

Casinos are in the business of gambling, but the one thing they do not gamble on is security. Gaming enterprises are a showpiece for state of the art security and surveillance technology, ranging from high tech megapixel cameras to analytic software to access and man-trap control systems. The same attention to detail and level of sophisticated technology is also evident in securing mechanical keys, access cards and other valuable items with the use of key control and management systems.

Key Control and Crime Prevention

Where security is concerned, there are no absolute safeguards. However, there are proven crime prevention techniques that can help improve the physical security and safeguarding of a facility or other valuable assets. The most common of these techniques is the implementation of a mechanical lock and key system, supported by a key control management system.

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